Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Suburban Tribal Revisited

Suburban Tribal is a line I started several years ago that I have been selling exclusively through art shows and galleries. I'm redesigning the line with some new twists and adding them to my website and Etsy store  The idea at that time was to make colorful, bold, big, but light weight and inexpensive earrings made with anodized aluminum, brass and sterling.  I still make some of the originals. They are all assembled with jump rings and ear wires for an articulated, fun and funky, action look. Everything moves and is loosely jointed. They are heavily textured with hammer and tool marks with some sanding away of color to reveal the aluminum. This gives them a "tribal" look.
  The new designs are more like a collage. Smaller, more refined designs smoother surfaces.  I'm adding some more sterling as well.  The new ones are more work as they are now being bolted together with tiny nuts and bolts or rivets. For the most part, they are more static, petite and elegant. But they still have the great saturated colors, interesting patterns, and light weight of anodized aluminum.   Maybe a bit more "suburban"  Hence, Suburban Tribal.
The original Suburban Tribal collection or anodized aluminum and with heavy texture, tool marks and sanded color. 
Here are some pictures of the new designs

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