Class Handouts and Links

hand outs for soldering and stone setting  This is a link to my dropbox with several pdf printouts

Here are some links to start your searchs

Ganoksin web site   It is HUGE! just about anything you want to know can be found here  This is a link to some stone setting FAQ's

here is another link  This one has lots of projects and you might find some useful things here and free eBook downloads  however they do want to sell you stuff and send you stuff. It is the website of the Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist  which is a good magazine to get.  so you decide
jewelry making daily 
another good mag to get it Art jewelry magazine  They have a website with projects but again they want you to get the mag  Which is worth getting

Stones: here's a link to a guy I follow on instagram.  this is his etsy site  I haven't bought from him yet but the stones look great and the prices are good.

there are lots of people selling cabs on etsy, eBay and instagram 

The link to a Blog you might find useful  is some things in the air about casting  and stone

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