Thursday, August 17, 2017

Custom Bracelets with Elks Tooth and Green Stone

Bracelets made for the customers stones

This bracelet started with this pendant.  The customers heir loom piece was a pendant she never wears so she wanted to make it into a cuff bracelet

I have all the parts made and ready to assemble

the parts , at long last, are all soldered together
The second bracelet is a clasp bangle using an elks tooth provided by the customer.  I had to cut the oot off and slightly reshape the tooth in order to make a bezel for it
The bezel is made and soldered in place after shaping the silver wire around it

The clasp at the back is soldered up and ready for the custom cut tooth part I'm shaping into a 5mm stone

finished elks tooth bracelet
You can see other bracelets ready made on my websites here and on my Etsy Store here

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Elks Teeth Jewelry

This project stated when  customer came to me with these elks teeth. Souvenirs from a hunting trip. The idea is to make a pendant and a pair of earrings 

These are the natural teeth as I received them

I reshaped them and sanded the bottoms flat in preparation of setting them.

Here the wax models are ready to cast.  The teeth can't be heated up so they have to be removed from the wax for the next step

The wax has been transformed into silver and the and the teeth are being adjusted to get the fit back in the cup.
The finished product. . If you have an idea for a project contact me here

Shirt Studs? What's That

Who wears shirt studs any more?  Don't shirts come with buttons?  Well yes but if are wearing a nice tux and a fancy shirt, you might want to have some cool buttons to go with your cufflinks.  This was a custom order for shark heads shirt studs. So this is what I came up with. I was afraid just the heads would be too small and unidentifiable so I included the fins.
The customer loved these sharks head shirt studs. They went with some shark cuff links that had special meaning. they are now available on my web site.