Monday, March 21, 2011

new blog and show report

I have changed the name of my blog and brought all the old post to this new one, however, I was not able to bring the the followers over from jewelryartstudio.  So if you are a follower please re-follow.  I'll be making all the new post from there. In the past I have been making most of my post to the facebook page   I will still be doing that but I'm going to start doing it from here first with a link to the FB page.  I have several friends who are not on FB and want to keep you all posted. My main store/ website with calendar of events and classes is still at Thanks!

This past weekend was the Haile Village show.  The weather was perfect for a change . Last year we got rained out on Sunday. This year the crowd was small on Sunday but I did manage to sell a few things. Saturday was better for me and sold some of the new gator buckles.  They were a big hit with the men and woman alike.  I was displaying both paintings and jewelry and sold both!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The new gator buckle in bronze.  Wouldn't this look cool on a alligator belt?  I'm still working on the final modle for the master mold but this is pretty mcuch what it'll look like.  I have sold this one but I'm taking orders for the next casting session.  They are 65.00 in bronze and will be available in silver, priced according to the market.