Thursday, July 13, 2017

Development of New Farrier Buckle Design

The Farrier series got its name because the original buckle was forged with a black smithing technique and took the shape of a horse shoe.  Originally i thought it would be the only one but since then i have added 2 other conventional style buckles and I'm now working on getting 2 new designs done for the website and Etsy store. These are also in the Farrier series. One for 1.25 inch belts (" The Quarter Horse") and one for 1.5. (the Work Horse"). I already have the Square Farrier  in those sizes but I'm ever expanding and these news ones are more "horseshoe " shaped.

This is the original design idea for the 1.5 farrier.  I'm now calling it the  "Workhorse"

These are the 2 sizes I made to use as the models for the process. These buckles will be hammer textured but they have to start out smooth and must be sanded and polished before texturing. 

The Quarter Horse being textured with a cross peen forming hammer
Preparing to make the tongue. This step is actually quite time consuming.  I make them from the raw bronze wire.
The Quarter Horse with the tongue installed. Testing for fit and function.

Quarter Horse patinated and waxed and ready for the web.
The Work horse installed on the 1.5 belt for fit and function.
The Work Horse buckle in bronze on a 1.5 inch belt
The inch and a half Work Horse and the inch and a quarter Quarter Horse for comparison

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  1. Love the work, love the story behind the work!