Saturday, March 22, 2014

New display

A new display is in the works for my jewelry at the artisans guild gallery in Gainesville  here are some pictures of the progress

First step was to cut some plexi to fit in the case that's there now

The current display is a black foam, rectangular block that I pin everything to. The block revolves inside the case. I'm replacing the block with shelves to, hopefully, let in more light. The birch dowel rods with black paint and copper brackets with patina are for holding the earring.  the shelf is upside down in this shot
test of concept. i think it will work
Here are the pendant boards set up on the earring shelf. There will be 2 of these. There won't be very much shelf space for things like cuff bracelets 
 Here is the before shot.  I have been using this revolving foam pad to pin things up with shelves below for bracelets and buckles.  The whole thing spins all the way to the bottom
 Here it is with no jewelry
 Here is the new look, I added the 3 shelves and the pendant displays with the earrings hanging from the black bars. some on cards and some just on the bars.
 the whole thing still spins

I like the way it came out.  There is about 20% less jewelry in here but it looks. More organized and more light which is why I got started on this in the first place.  So come on down and check it out 
 I had allot of help from my friend who couldn't resist trying on Rick's hats